Royal Caribbean Cruise Booking and Preparation

This is my 1st post as well as my 1st cruise vacation. Am excited and so looking forward to it. Hubby J told me not to get overly excited as he foresee a cruise vacation to be a boring one.

We booked through Chan Brothers during Natas Fair. 4D3N Cruise to Penang (Mariner of the Sea) in Superior stateroom with balcony for about $1300, inclusive of taxes & gratuities for 2 person. Travel insurance not included though. Definitely will recommend to book during Natas fair as the same room will cost around $2k if u book through Royal Caribbean website.

1 month before the cruise date, we received our Guest Ticket Booklet from Chan Brothers through email. We need to do online check-in and print out our individual set sail passes together with luggage tags (if u decide to check-in ur luggages) and to link our room account to a credit card so that any expenses incurred on board will be charged to our credit card upon departure. Highly recommend to link ur acct to credit card instead of cash payment as you will have to settle your bill at the customer service counter on board the cruise before u disembark the ship and the queue can be very very long.

We did not use the luggage tags as we were told by the agency to pack light. Check-in luggages will only be delivered to the room from 1.30pm to 6.30pm. As for travel insurance, i always book from Aviva. It is cheap and comprehensive enough for short trips. Did not opt for internet package as it was pretty expensive. Close to 40usd for the whole trip for 1 user ID only. There was no free wifi zone onboard.

Recommended things to pack:

  1. Passport
  2. Set sail pass
  3. Guest ticket booklet
  4. 1 set of formal wear
  5. Camera
  6. Sun block (it is super sunny)
  7. Moisturizer
  8. Water bottle (no water provided in room, u can refill in the restaurant)
  9. Toiletries (not provided in room)
  10. Beach wear / casual wear recommended
  11. Swimwear
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Hats / caps
  14. Jacket (night sea breeze is v cold)
  15. Covered shoes for formal night
  16. Story books / board games etc for entertainment purpose
  17. Travel adaptor (US plug head)
  18. USD (for gambling, arcade & tipping on board)
  19. Ringgit

Do check out my next post.


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