Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 1

We cab to Marina Bay Cruise Center and reached at 12pm. There is a list of recommended timing to board the ship based on different deck for a smoother check-in process. Do remember to bring ur credit card to link to ur sea pass card. Sea pass card act as ur room key and any expenses will be charged to this card. Payment will only be made on ur last day before u disembark the ship if u choose to pay by cash. Check my post here on what to pack for your cruise holiday.

Check-in was smooth and within 30min we boarded the ship. Some of the shots taken on deck 11.

The weather was very good for a kick start to our 4D3N cruise vacation 😊.

After taking photos, we went to Windjammer Cafe for buffet lunch as our room will only be ready at 1pm. The cafe was jammed pack and so scary. It took us some time to find a table for 6 person. There was a wide range of food ranging from indian crusine to western. The crowd started to leave the cafe at about 1pm as the rooms were ready by then. Strongly recommend to go for ur lunch only after 1pm as by then the crowd will disperse and u will be able to enjoy ur meal better.

Did not ate much as the food was of average standard to me. Or was it due to the crowd level that affected my appetite. After lunch we proceed to our room.

Our room was at the left side rear of the ship, thus we have a view of the PSA, while my mum’s room was at the right side front of the ship facing the cruise terminal. Mum’s room was far away from us. It was far away from the elevator as well. Would advise all to choose the rooms nearest to the elevator or else it will be a long long walk. Rooms on the right do have some views of ships and nearby islands and also sunset view while cruising to Penang whereas rooms on the left is plain sea view and sun rise. The view will be reversed on the way back to Sg.

There was a cruise activities schedule list (cruise compass) on our bed and i started to plan the activities for the day.

Dinner reservation was made at 5.30pm at Sounds of Music dining room located on deck 5. Since it was still early, we decided to explore the ship starting from deck 4 casino. The casino was empty as it will only start operation when the ship sailed out of Sg water at around 5.30pm. The casino was pretty small in my opinion. The bets were all in USD. Min. 15USD for table games and as low as 0.25USD for machines.

After touring the casino, we have to start to make our way to the venue for Assembly Drill which starts at 4pm and is compulsory for all guests. The assembly venue is printed on ur sea pass card, and there was a map on the door of ur room. Do remember to bring ur sea pass card to record ur attendance. The whole process lasted for around 45min and do bring along ur mini fan as it was very very warm.

After the drill, we went up to deck 11 to chill by the pool side while waiting for dinner time.

Dinner was located at deck 5 Sounds of Music for My Time Dining guests.

After dinner we went back to our room to rest and arranged to meet up again at 10.30pm for the ice skating show “Ice Under The Big Top” at deck 3 studio B. It was a very spectacular performance and we called off the day at 11.30pm.

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