Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 2 – Penang

There were a few choices when it comes to breakfast. You can choose to dine in bed by pre-ordering your breakfast the night before. Breakfast menu tags were located in the room and all you have to do is to indicate your meal preferences and hang the tag outside your door before 3am the night before. Windjammer Cafe serves buffet breakfast to a later time as compared to the main dining room Rhapsody in Blue. Dining timing could be found in the Cruise Compass for Day 2.

We went to Rhapsody in Blue as it was ala carte dining and there was also a cereal bar counter. The food were of better standard as compared to Windjammer Cafe in my opinion. There was strictly no reservation of seats for your traveling group and they would only allocate table based on the number of people present at the point of entry.

After filling our stomach, we went to explore the sports facilities located on deck 13 of the ship. I wanted to play the mini golf and was so excited about it. The morning sun was so bright and glaring. Would recommend to bring your sunglasses along and apply sun block to protect your skin. We had lots of fun playing the mini golf.

We proceeded to deck 4 as mum wanted to visit the casino. The casino was small and filled with people. We stayed quite a while watching people play Big & Small. We did not try our luck at the tables as the bet were relatively big for us as it was in USD.

Lunch was at 12.30pm and again we choose to go back to Rhapsody in Blue for course dining instead of Windjammer Cafe. Not a fan of buffet style dining with a whole load of people snatching food. There was a salad bar counter whereby you could choose your salad ingredients and the chef would whip up your salad with the dressing of your choice.

After lunch we went back to our room to R&R till the ship docked in Penang at around 4pm. Since my side of room could see the port, i took quite a few photos and it was interesting to see how the ground staff make arrangement for the docking of the ship. Upon seeing that passengers started to alight the ship, we proceeded to deck 1 gangway and off to meeting our tour guide in Penang.

I pre-booked Alan from Penang Tour Channel after reading lots of positive reviews on him. U can check out his facebook page here. As we were a group of 6 adults, I reckon it will be more convenient to book a private tour so that we could all stick together throughout the whole journey. Onboard shore excursion were too expensive for our party of 6. It cost around SGD$250 for 6 person and you got to travel in tour buses with the rest of the cruise passengers. With Alan, we got a 10 seaters mini van to ourselves and it was only RM250 for 5 hours from 5pm to 10pm. Would definitely recommend him if you are traveling in big group and wanted to enjoy Penang to the fullest at the shortest time.

Alan brought us to the famous chendol and we queued for around 10min. It was worth the wait!

I ordered penang laksa from 1 of the stall too.

We then proceeded to buy penang snacks and goodies.

Next to Unesco site Chew Jetty. It is the most tourist-friendly with the most stilt houses, the longest walkway, a temple that is worth stopping by and plenty of placed for photography.

As it started to rain, we got to move on to the next location. This 888 hokkien prawn mee is really delicious! Would recommend all to try if u can.

Ice kachang was so so..

The wanton mee was one of the recommended food by Alan but as we were quite full from the laksa, i decided to order just the wanton soup.

When the rain stopped, we went to Armenian street in search for the famous sister and brother wall painting.

Next we move on to Gurney plaza to buy more groceries. Bought the hokkaido cheese tarts for RM5.80 each and it tasted so delicious i instantly regretted that we did not buy more.

Soon it was time to return back to our cruise. On the way to the jetty we took some nice night shots.

Found this on our bed! 

The ship cruised off at 11.30pm sharp and we were so shagged by the walking and eating tour in Penang that we concussed. 😂

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 1

We cab to Marina Bay Cruise Center and reached at 12pm. There is a list of recommended timing to board the ship based on different deck for a smoother check-in process. Do remember to bring ur credit card to link to ur sea pass card. Sea pass card act as ur room key and any expenses will be charged to this card. Payment will only be made on ur last day before u disembark the ship if u choose to pay by cash. Check my post here on what to pack for your cruise holiday.

Check-in was smooth and within 30min we boarded the ship. Some of the shots taken on deck 11.

The weather was very good for a kick start to our 4D3N cruise vacation 😊.

After taking photos, we went to Windjammer Cafe for buffet lunch as our room will only be ready at 1pm. The cafe was jammed pack and so scary. It took us some time to find a table for 6 person. There was a wide range of food ranging from indian crusine to western. The crowd started to leave the cafe at about 1pm as the rooms were ready by then. Strongly recommend to go for ur lunch only after 1pm as by then the crowd will disperse and u will be able to enjoy ur meal better.

Did not ate much as the food was of average standard to me. Or was it due to the crowd level that affected my appetite. After lunch we proceed to our room.

Our room was at the left side rear of the ship, thus we have a view of the PSA, while my mum’s room was at the right side front of the ship facing the cruise terminal. Mum’s room was far away from us. It was far away from the elevator as well. Would advise all to choose the rooms nearest to the elevator or else it will be a long long walk. Rooms on the right do have some views of ships and nearby islands and also sunset view while cruising to Penang whereas rooms on the left is plain sea view and sun rise. The view will be reversed on the way back to Sg.

There was a cruise activities schedule list (cruise compass) on our bed and i started to plan the activities for the day. 

Dinner reservation was made at 5.30pm at Sounds of Music dining room located on deck 5. Since it was still early, we decided to explore the ship starting from deck 4 casino. The casino was empty as it will only start operation when the ship sailed out of Sg water at around 5.30pm. The casino was pretty small in my opinion. The bets were all in USD. Min. 15USD for table games and as low as 0.25USD for machines.

After touring the casino, we have to start to make our way to the venue for Assembly Drill which starts at 4pm and is compulsory for all guests. The assembly venue is printed on ur sea pass card, and there was a map on the door of ur room. Do remember to bring ur sea pass card to record ur attendance. The whole process lasted for around 45min and do bring along ur mini fan as it was very very warm.

After the drill, we went up to deck 11 to chill by the pool side while waiting for dinner time.

Dinner was located at deck 5 Sounds of Music for My Time Dining guests.

After dinner we went back to our room to rest and arranged to meet up again at 10.30pm for the ice skating show “Ice Under The Big Top” at deck 3 studio B. It was a very spectacular performance and we called off the day at 11.30pm.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Booking and Preparation

This is my 1st post as well as my 1st cruise vacation. Am excited and so looking forward to it. Hubby J told me not to get overly excited as he foresee a cruise vacation to be a boring one.

We booked through Chan Brothers during Natas Fair. 4D3N Cruise to Penang (Mariner of the Sea) in Superior stateroom with balcony for about $1300, inclusive of taxes & gratuities for 2 person. Travel insurance not included though. Definitely will recommend to book during Natas fair as the same room will cost around $2k if u book through Royal Caribbean website.

1 month before the cruise date, we received our Guest Ticket Booklet from Chan Brothers through email. We need to do online check-in and print out our individual set sail passes together with luggage tags (if u decide to check-in ur luggages) and to link our room account to a credit card so that any expenses incurred on board will be charged to our credit card upon departure. Highly recommend to link ur acct to credit card instead of cash payment as you will have to settle your bill at the customer service counter on board the cruise before u disembark the ship and the queue can be very very long.

We did not use the luggage tags as we were told by the agency to pack light. Check-in luggages will only be delivered to the room from 1.30pm to 6.30pm. As for travel insurance, i always book from Aviva. It is cheap and comprehensive enough for short trips. Did not opt for internet package as it was pretty expensive. Close to 40usd for the whole trip for 1 user ID only. There was no free wifi zone onboard.

Recommended things to pack:

  1. Passport
  2. Set sail pass
  3. Guest ticket booklet
  4. 1 set of formal wear
  5. Camera
  6. Sun block (it is super sunny)
  7. Moisturizer
  8. Water bottle (no water provided in room, u can refill in the restaurant)
  9. Toiletries (not provided in room)
  10. Beach wear / casual wear recommended
  11. Swimwear
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Hats / caps
  14. Jacket (night sea breeze is v cold)
  15. Covered shoes for formal night
  16. Story books / board games etc for entertainment purpose
  17. Travel adaptor (US plug head)
  18. USD (for gambling, arcade & tipping on board)
  19. Ringgit

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